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International Conference on NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Applications (NLAIM 2024) offers a premier global platform for exchanging insights and findings in the theory, methodology, and applications of NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and their applications. The conference seeks substantial contributions across all key domains of NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and their practical applications, aiming to foster both theoretical advancements and real-world implementations. With a focus on facilitating collaboration between researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, the conference serves as a nexus for sharing the latest developments in the field.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting articles showcasing research findings, projects, surveys, and industrial experiences that demonstrate notable progress in various areas, including but not limited to:.

Topics of interest


  • Chunking/Shallow Parsing
  • Computational Linguistics& NLP
  • Dialog Systems
  • Discourse
  • Information Extraction
  • Information Retrieval and AI
  • Information Retrieval
  • Lexical Semantics
  • Linguistic Resources
  • Machine Translation
  • NLP & AI
  • Ontology
  • Paraphrasing/Entailment/Generation
  • Parsing/Grammatical Formalisms
  • Phonology, Morphology
  • POS Tagging
  • Question Answering
  • Semantic & NLP
  • Semantic Processing
  • Speech Recognition and Synthesis
  • Spoken Language Processing
  • Statistical and Knowledge based Methods
  • Text Mining

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Adaptive systems
  • AI Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
  • Bioinformatics, Biometrics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data and Web mining
  • Ensemble Method
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Fuzzy Set Theory, Fuzzy Control and System
  • Geo-informatics
  • Hybrid and Nonlinear system
  • Inductive Learning
  • Information Fusion
  • Information Retrieval
  • Intelligent Agent, Control
  • Intelligent and Knowledge based system
  • Logistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Media computing
  • Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Rough and Fuzzy Rough Set
  • Visual Information Processing

  • Machine Learning & Applications

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Bayesian Network
  • Computer Vision, Data Mining
  • Deep Learning
  • Learning in Knowledge-intensive Systems
  • Learning Methods, Analysis and Problems
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Neural Networks
  • Predictive Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Supervised Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit papers through the conference Submission System by May 18, 2024. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference. The proceedings of the conference will be published by Computer Science Conference Proceedings in Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT) series (Confirmed).

Following further revisions, select papers from NLAIM 2024, will be published in special issues of the listed journals at no cost.

  • International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA)
  • International Journal of Fuzzy Logic Systems (IJFLS)
  • International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJSCAI)
  • International Journal of Soft Computing (IJSC)
  • International Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC)
  • International Journal of Web & Semantic Technology (IJWesT) IS - Indexed
  • Machine Learning and Applications: An International Journal (MLAIJ)
  • Information Technology in Industry (ITII)
  • Important Dates

    Second Batch : (Submissions after May 04, 2024)

    calendar_todaySubmission Deadline : May 18, 2024

    calendar_todayAuthors Notification : June 18, 2024

    calendar_todayRegistration & Camera-Ready Paper Due : June 22, 2024


    Hard copy of the proceedings will be distributed during the Conference. The softcopy will be available on AIRCC digital library.



    Feng Hsu Wang
    Ming Chuan University


    Mahdi Madani
    University of Burgundy


    Karla Karina Ruiz Mendoza
    University Autonomus of Baja California


    Mohamed M. Ghoneim Sywelem
    Suez University


    Oluwafemi P. Famakinde
    Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER)

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